I love the story recorded in Acts 19 when Paul goes to Ephesus. He lays hands on some believers, they get baptised in the Holy Ghost, he disciples them by teaching about the Kingdom of God, he demonstrates the Kingdom of God with unbelievable signs and wonders, and within two years all of Asia hears the gospel! He made disciples that made dsciples.

That is the vision!

The Thompson family has moved to Dandenong, a city with over 150 different nationalities. [pullquote position=”right”]We’re beliving that the people we lead to the Lord and disciple, will take the message of Jesus all around the world.[/pullquote] We’re going to make disciples that make disciples. We are perfectly positioned in this area to impact the world.

This has happened before, even in our ministry…

When at Plenty Valley we saw Youth taking the gospel to their schools and forming Bible Study Groups. One guy led around 12 people to Jesus in his first 6 months of following Jesus. Another girl started praying for healing at school and saw a bunch of people saved.

When at Training College I spent some time sharing the gospel on the streets and becasue we (Monty, Mera, and the Team) had so many giving their lives to the Lord we ended up planting the All Nations Fellowship.

When in Ararat a youth in her first year of High School led around 20 to the Lord, 12 of them were committed disciples. They would pray, worship, read the word, help others, see miracles etc at their school. Without realising it they planted a church at School. Another youth had a healing ministry at Primary School where he would wait out the front of sick bay and pray for the sick before they saw the doctor!

While training in Werribee last year a Chinese woman led her family (who live in China) to the Lord over the phone, and are in the process of working out what church means to them. Another guy is about to plant a Farsi church with the 15 Persians he has led to Jesus!

As you can see, this is not about how much Sarah and I can do. It is about the goodness of God infecting people so that they share Jesus with their friends and family. But instead of just stopping there, we’re going to train these believers to train their disciples and so on and so on.

This is all about making disciples that make disciples. Lets the good times roll!