Pedro Calado is one brave teenager! You probably haven’t heard of him but he is a 19 year old, from Rio de Janeiro who has an appetite for BIG waves, and when I say Big I mean BIG. He is forging a reputation as a serious big wave surfer after paddling (not getting pulled by a jet ski) into some of the worlds biggest waves. The wave above could possibly be the biggest paddle wave ever caught at Jaws!

But what makes this story even better is that last year he made history by paddling into one of the biggest waves caught at Puerto Escondido in May. Only that time it didn’t end so well. After paddling the 2km from the Port to the lineup, and ready to catch some massive waves, he fell off after getting to his feet and got well and truly smashed earning what many awarded him the wipeout of the year. With no jet ski to save him, he had to swim the 2kms back to port.

When you are living life you will get knocked down. Only for most of us it isn’t a 45 foot wave. But we do get knocked down and held down by different events in our life. Perhaps it’s a failed relationship, a sickness, lack of finances, addiction, self doubt or a battle with depression. Some think that when you are a follower of Christ bad things won’t happen to you – which is completely crazy. But at the same time it doesn’t mean you cannot be happy, saved and free all the time.

Being Happy, Saved and Free is not caused by or affected by your circumstances. No one can change it unless you allow them to. Jesus has given you a gift. That gift is Himself. He is life in all it’s fullness. When you know Him, really know Him it doesn’t matter what you are going through you can still have joy that knows no bounds. You will still cry and grieve, and need to work through things, but when Jesus is with you He will give you peace in the storm, joy in the heart ache, freedom in the prison.

Young Pedro took an absolute beating last year, but he got back up, and you can get back up too. Only when you allow Jesus to lift you back up you rise with victory over fear, and carry a peace that surpasses all understanding. You get that by meeting Jesus. Jesus is pure love. Jesus is real and tangible. Jesus gives people peace, love and hope. You can have that right now. All we need to do is call to Him and He will answer us. Maybe you’d like to pray a prayer like this;

“Jesus, I’ve been knocked down. I’m sick of being held down. But I thank You that You rose from the dead so I could reign in life with You. Jesus, I don’t know You yet, but I want to. I want to know this Jesus that James blogs about. I want to know the peace that I can have in the midst of hell on earth. I want to be happy, I want to be saved, I want to be free. I need you. Please reveal Yourself to me, and speak to me.” Then wait with belief that He will answer you straight away. If you need to chat, want more info or prayed that prayer I’d love to hear from you.

Peace Out and Get Back Up!

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