Yesterday when I preached I felt like I didn’t end the way I wanted to. So here is a quick recap and a couple of other ideas to think about this week…


  • There are multiple streams doing amazing things with God throughout the world. However, the ones that are good at discipling aren’t always very good at leading people to Jesus, and the ones good at leading people to Jesus are often spread thin without a lot of depth. We need a key to do both well.
  • I believe that that key is an understanding of Church Family meeting inside homes where people do every day life. The early church operated like this and spread from around 25,000 in 100AD to 20,000,000 in 300AD despite being heavily persecution.
  • However the persecution resulted in the Church needing to rely on one another. They naturally did all the “one another” things we are commanded to do throughout the New Testament because they were often poor and persecuted. They encouraged one another, prayed for one another, shared with one another etc…
  • Then Emperor Constantine came along and shifted the emphasis of the Church. He now made Christianity legal, and over time became more and more involved in the running of the Church. The Church thought this was an answer to prayer but they now met on special days, in special buildings, in special chairs, to listen to a special person. Life was now separated between “The Special Spiritual” and “The Normal Every Day” and the Church in general hasn’t changed a lot since then.
  • We need to GO HOME. The beauty and power of the early Church was that they did everyday life together – often in their homes. There was no distinction between Spiritual Life and Every Day life and as a result Jesus was involved in everything they did. The Church operated as a welcoming family. If we want to lead lots of people to Jesus AND raise Spiritual Sons and Daughters who know who they are and what their purpose is, we need to get back in the homes where we do everyday life together with Jesus and simply be family.

Some Further Thoughts

I started yesterday off by sharing the story from John 21. A couple of the disciples had been fishing and caught nothing. Jesus called at them and said to cast their net on the other side of the boat. Once they did they caught a huge haul and had breakfast with Jesus on the beach. To add to this yesterday morning Debbie had a prophetic picture that our nets were tangled, and that Jesus wanted to untangle our nets so we could fish again.

I believe that Scripture and prophetic picture are taking about how we do Church Life. Many of us have tried lots of things and been worn out. Our nets have gotten tangled over time and we’re not catching any fish. I believe God is showing us that we need to recast our nets and do family life together again – we need to sit on the beach with Jesus and our friends and family and simply chat and eat.

  • Are you involved in a Home Group? If not, who do you connect with or want to connect with more? If you want to be free and whole you need the body to help you.
  • Are you hesitant to join a home group? Do you need to revisit some stuff in your past that hasn’t been resolved? Do you need to forgive someone? Who can you talk to to help you get this sorted?
  • What does your home group do together? Is there something you need to change or add so that you can truly live as family?
  • When was the last time your home group had not yet believers involved? Why was that the last time? Is it a place where outsiders would feel welcomed and blessed?
  • Is God calling you to plant a new home group? Maybe it is worth talking to one of the leaders at Church about how you can plant a home group to reach your family and friends.