Many people have heard that they need to do certain things to please God so that when they die they can go to Heaven. As a result, this makes the whole religious experience centred around doing the “right” things to make sure when we die we get the nod and instead of heading to hell, we head to Heaven.

But Jesus was not just about handing out tickets to some massive party that only dead nice people can get into. Instead, wherever He went He brought a party with Him, and everyone was invited. Wherever He went stuff began to happen – the sick were healed, the demon possessed made well, the dead brought back to life.

Jesus not only wants to spend eternity with you in Heaven, He also wants to bring Heaven to Earth, right into your life situation. Jesus loves the hell out of you – literally. Anything from the pit of hell – sin, fear, selfishness, sickness, depression, hate, racism, poverty etc, Jesus wants to get rid of. And He gets rid of it through His perfect love.

You may have had some religious experience in the past that was based on doing the right thugs to make sure you end up in Heaven. But Jesus is desperate to have Heaven crash into your life and love the hell out of you. If you would like that, then tell Him. Here’s a little something to get you going…

God, Thank you that you love the hell out of me! Not only do I want to spend eternity in Heaven, I want Heaven to invade my life right now. Jesus I choose to follow and obey you each day, and join in your mission of loving the hell out of every person on Planet Earth!

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Photo Credit: Enrique Céspedes