Name: Law Evangelism

Bible: John 4:1-26, Mark 10:17-27

The run down: Using the law of God (10 Commandments) to bring conviction to a proud person so they see their need of Salvation.

Why: This method is essential because there are a lot of proud people out there who do not recognise their own sinfulness and therefore the need of a Saviour.

How to: We borrow this from the guys at Living Waters because they do such a great job and they love sharing their stuff. But the basic gist is we get people to admit to their own sinfulness.

1)      Ask someone if they will do the good test with you. You may ask something like: “Do you think you are a good person?”

2)      Go through some of the 10 commandments and ask, “Have you ever…” For example, Lied. “Have you ever lied?” Go through a couple of the commandments like, “Have you ever stolen?”

3)      After each one ask, “What do we call a person who ____?” E.g. What do we call a person who lies? The answer being a liar. Or a person who steals is called a thief.

4)      Then after they have answers a few of these say something like this incorporating their answers. “You have just told me you are a liar, thief, blasphemer who commits adultery in your heart. When the day of judgment comes do you think God will find you guilty or not guilty of breaking His law? Where do you think you will spend eternity?” The conviction of the Holy Spirit will come powerfully because they are admitting their own sinfulness.

5)      Then tell them the good news of Jesus Christs death and resurrection so they can be saved!

Testimony: One time a young boy came in to a prayer meeting. I asked him if we wanted to pray but he said he didn’t know how to. I then did the good test with him. Once we got to the end I asked, “Do you think God will find you guilty or not guilty?” He quietly replied “Guilty,” so I continued. “Where do you think you will spend eternity?” He started crying and said hell. I then gave him the good news that Jesus died to take away his sins! The next week this boy who was a bully, came and told me how he has a whole group of new friends because Jesus changed his life! Hallelujah!