The photograph above and video below is of a guy called Danny MacAskill. He is one of my favourite riders going around, and he does stuff that is simply on a different level. Check out some of his videos on youtube, they are very very fun. He often leaves me thinking the he is living in a different realm?

It is similar to when you read stories about Jesus and think, “Wow! He just lived in a different world!” You know, He raised the dead back to life, He walked on water, calmed raging storms and multiplied food! Have you ever thought, “Wow! Imagine if I could live like that! He’s living in a different realm!”

The good news is that we can too! If we identify ourselves with Christ, then our spirit man was crucified with Jesus, and we no longer live, but the Spirit of Christ lives in us! That means that if you have been born again, you have a new Spirit in you! That Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus – the same Spirit that rose Jesus form the dead and gave Jesus the power to do all that He did! Yes, we are in the same realm.

Jesus said that we would be able to do the same works that He did – and even greater things! It is possible! I know men and women who have been teleported into different geographical areas, who have raised the dead, who have seen food multiply, who have received downloads of multiple languages making them fluent in an instant! All these things are available to us so that we can see His Kingdom come and will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

“Nothing is impossible – simply believe.” – Jesus.

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge from Cut Media on Vimeo.