I love reading blogs and getting inspired and encouraged so I thought I would share some of the sites that get my mind working and my heart beating. I don’t just read what I agree with, but I do love reading stuff that I do. So here is a list of my 7 favourite Christian Blogs that I read…

Happy Sonship – If you love Jesus, humour and authenticity then this is a great blog to follow. Written mostly by Carlos Rodrigez, Executive Pastor at Catch The Fire Raleigh, he blogs on all sorts of topics and is your daily religion detox with a bunch of great posts on culture, life and faith.

Verge Network – Jesus told us to go and make disciples – not converts. This website is jam packed with juicy articles that help you discover more about discipleship, church, evangelism and mission. I love it because there are heaps of practical posts, and has a strong focus on multiplication.

Kris Vallotton – Kris has been encouraging, inspiring and challenging me for years with his books, preaching and Facebook posts. Now you can hear his prophetic voice on his fairly new blog. I love what he has to say about identity, the prophetic and spiritual warfare.

Desiring God – This is where John Piper and his crew blog. Although I wouldn’t say I am theologically in a similar place to Piper, I still appreciate reading his thoughts and Bible Studies. I especially like some of his work in regards to joy!

Holy Spirit Activism – I met Micael when we were in South Africa. He was doing some research on how signs and wonders, evangelism and social justice/care for the poor all worked in together. He loves Jesus, and I always love reading his blogs on salvation, miracles, peace and justice.

Charisma Magazine – I have a love – hate relationship with this one. Often I will read and be encouraged and inspired by the great blogs, articles and stories about how God is moving in the world today. Other times it highlights the stupidity and sometimes judgmental aspects of Christians. Still, if you can get through the junk you will find some treasures!

ArmyBarmy Blog – This longest running Salvation Army blog in the world is written by one of my heroes of the faith – Stephen Court. This blog encourages mission-focused, charismatic-flavoured heroism, and is a Salvationist take on just about everything!

What other blogs do you read? Leave a comment and let me know of some other great blogs!