Sharing the gospel should be simple, easy and fun!

You are not called to simply have a message. You are  called to more. You are called to be the message!

What I do

I love sharing my heart and passion. Here are a few ways I communicate the revelation that has taken hold of me.

I Coach.

I offer coaching and training to Churches and Individuals helping establish foundations that pave the way for Kingdom advancement.

I Speak.

I enjoy speaking, teaching and preaching. I often include a demonstration of the Kingdom of God through signs and wonders.

I Write.

I regularly write about God, Life, Happy Theology, Mysticism and the Kingdom of God. You can find my material on my blog or in my e-books.

Want to Connect?

True transformation takes time and commitment, and begins with a relationship. Let’s connect and see where God takes us.

My e-Books & Courses

My range of e-Books and Courses will lead you deeper into the heart of God and will teach, equip and empower you to fulfill the Great Commission and advance the Kingdom of God. I enjoy teaching happy theology, mysticism, signs and wonders, evangelism, and Church as Family.


Recently on a trip to Indonesia we met a young girl who was deaf. I prayed a simple, one sentence prayer and she was instantly healed! When we know God is a good Dad, we expect these things to happen.


My story

Hi Everyone! My name is James and if there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am wildly passionate about Jesus! He really is closer than you think and better than you could ever have imagined! I am blessed with a beautiful wife, and three gorgeous kids.

My story is that I grew up as a Missionary Kid. I spent 6 or so years living in Bangladesh and Barbados. Straight after High School I had an encounter with God that would change my life forever. What used to be my parents faith suddenly became my own as I saw and experienced God doing things that I had only ever read about in the Bible.

This set me on a path of pursuing His presence and sharing His good news around the World. I have had all sorts of adventures working as a Youth Worker, Salvation Army Officer (Pastor), Missionary to Africa, and so forth. My heart is for people to know and experience God then share whatever God has laid on their heart. I love helping people encounter Him through preaching the good news, healing, the prophetic and meditation.

Learn to share the gospel simply, authentically, powerfully, and with a heart of Love.