7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners

7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners

We often look at the heroes of the faith and think that they are un-naturally well gifted. However, the closer you get to these giants, the more you realise they are normal people who have simply found a rhythm that they walk to. I have found that the great Soul Winners I know have a bunch of similar traits. If we all made these habits our lifestyle we too can be highly effective soul winners. Here are 7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners.

  1. They spend time in the presence of God. Highly effective soul winners are like Jesus who said, “I only do what I see my Father do, I only say what I hear my Father say.” As they spend time in the love of God their hearts change and they in turn become like God, so that they can truly re-present the Father. They pray that they would manifest love to all they meet, they pray that the impossible be done on Earth as in Heaven. They pray that the lost would see Jesus, call out to Him and be saved.

  2. They choose love over fear. Highly effective soul winners face fear, but choose love. They are not great because they sense no fear, but because they sense fear but then choose love. They do not shy back from doing what God does or saying what He says. They are courageous because of their decision to choose love no matter the cost or consequence.

  3. They stop for the one. Highly effective soul winners see with eyes of love. They pray for the salvation of the world, but start with the one in front of them. They look and listen. They don’t overlook people regardless of their status, stench or sins. They prioritise connection over busy-ness. They slow down, say hello and connect.

  4. They go low and slow with honour. Highly effective soul winners humble themselves. They don’t think they’re better than everyone else, and they don’t lord it over anyone. They see the gold in whoever is in front of them. They respect other peoples culture and choices and learn from them. They are not rude, they do not overstay their welcome and always maintain an attitude of peace.

  5. They love with their words and actions. Highly effective soul winners have an attitude of love. Therefore they demonstrate the love of God with word and deed. They consider good works and miracles as just as vital to the gospel message as their declaration with words. They use both word and action to preach the good news, each giving more credibility to the other. Their actions are generous, compassionate and merciful. They encourage, share words of knowledge, prophesy and recount stories of the goodness of God in their life and throughout history and assure their listeners that God is the same today as yesterday! (See How Jesus Taught His Disciples To Share The Good News).

  6. They declare a message that God can confirm. Highly effective soul winners believe that God will confirm His message. If they say God heals, then God will confirm it by healing. If they say God will set you free, then God will confirm it by setting people free. They don’t try to convince people or pressure them into belief, they simply demonstrate it, declare it then allow God to confirm it.

  7. They give opportunity to respond to God’s goodness. Highly effective soul winners realise that we cannot manipulate, control, shame or bully people into salvation. Instead they respect peoples right to choose. As a result they always give people opportunities to be healed, restored, liberated, reconciled, and born again. They realise it is their choice, and they can make it right now for “Today is the day of salvation.”

These habits are simple in one sense, but difficult in another. As with starting any new habit it takes time, commitment and perseverance. Highly effective soul winners don’t get it right all the time and neither will you. So chill out, and realise this is a lifestyle of love. It won’t happen over night but perhaps you can start with just one of these habits today. Your loved ones who don’t know Jesus yet will love you for it!

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