How To Heal The Blind

How To Heal The Blind

We were walking around a village in the middle of nowhere, Mozambique. We had driven for hours and hours to arrive at this village miles from any water. It was stinking hot, and here we were, a bunch foreigner’s door knocking the villagers to see if anyone needed prayer for anything.

We had come to Mozambique to learn from the Bakers who are living in revival. We had heard of the tens of thousands of churches being planted around the Nation, we had heard of the hundreds of thousands coming to Jesus, we had heard the stories of the blind, deaf and incurable getting completely healed. We were promised that we would see this if we went to this amazing Missionary School.

So here we were door knocking searching for our miracle. We finally found a lady who was totally blind. We all started laying hands on her and started praying for her. I was getting excited but then noticed Sarah and Jed were in the dirt sitting down. I grabbed Jed off Sarah so she could be involved in this soon to be miracle story…

As soon as I sat down with Jed I heard God speak…

“James. Do you even care about his lady? Or do you just want to see a cool miracle?”

To be honest, I didn’t have any compassion for this lady. She was a waiting miracle for me. Sadly, that lady was not healed, and I walked away sad that I was motivated more by a sense of excitement than love.

Over the next couple of months God took me deeper and deeper into His love. Then we went on a trip to Zimbabwe. Again, we went door knocking. Again, we found a blind woman. This time I stopped and looked. I allowed the love of Jesus to rise up in my heart. I saw that she had grandkids she had never seen. I saw that she was a shop owner – who sold lollies – and I am sure the local kids all stole from her.

We laid hands on her and I began to simply pray, “God, please love her eyesight back.” We stopped, and asked her to look around.

I saw a white substance (cataracts?) dripping out of her eyes and running down her cheek. It soon turned into tears as this woman began to point people and colours out! The love of God had totally healed this woman. Later I walked past her again to see her stoop down and pick up a child,

“Ahhhh, my grandson.” The first time she had seen him!

A flood of emotion hit me. It burned to my core.

The love of Jesus.

The love of Jesus.

The love of Jesus is so powerful it makes the blind see!

How do you heal the blind?

You love them. As simple as that. Love. Love is the cure for blindness. Love is the cure for any sickness, disease, or disaster.

Love never fails.

(Photo above is the woman who was blind)

2 thoughts on “How To Heal The Blind

  1. Saravana

    So awesome to see Jesus manifesting His reckless love for the people… I thank God for you James. I don’t know you remember me. You prayed for my eye when you visited the father’s house in Chennai. That particular night I couldn’t sleep coz something deep within me crying out “go for it, go for it”. I got a supernatural boost to my faith that I will see with my left eye soon. Even though I didn’t see the miracle that I wanted that day but I started speaking to my eyes. I bless you James. Hoping to see you soon.
    I thank God for what you are doing for His kingdom I honour you as a son of God. Love you !!! 🙂

    1. James

      Hey Saravana! Of course I remember you! That was a great night! I had just been knocked out in the spirit for a couple of hours. Thank you for your kind words. God is good!!!

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