Glory Treasure

Glory Treasure

The certainty of your faith will give you access to all the riches of God as you experience the revelation of God’s great mystery – Christ unveiled within you. For our spiritual wealth is in him, like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered… Colossians 2:2a-3a TPT

Last week CNN told a story of a man who found some treasure in his garage. He was actually trying to get his LA Lakers memorabilia appraised, but when they came to his garage they saw a painting that looked like something rather expensive – it looked like a Jackson Pollock painting.

The Lakers memorabilia ended up being worth $300, but if this painting really was what it looked like, it could be worth millions! The owner began a host of tests to see whether this painting would actually be valuable. After spending $50,000 on this painting it was confirmed that this painting was the real deal and could potentially be worth $15 million!

Can you believe it? A painting that was left untouched in a garage, was worth millions of dollars. It sounds ridiculous that something so valuable could be so overlooked, forgotten, disregarded and unappreciated. But we believers do the same every day…

The Apostle Peter tells us we have everything we need for life and godliness. The Apostle Paul tells us that we have every spiritual blessing in Christ, and that our spiritual wealth is in Christ, like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered!

There is so much life, power and glory inside the born-again believer! When the glory manifests the dead come back to life, sickness and disease disappear, the ageing process stops, freedom enters every situation, love is lavishly poured out, the reality of heaven is established on earth and I could go on and on. No, this is not just for the saints of old, the super spiritual or the elite, and no this is not a fairy tale. The Glory of God is inside you!

Church, we need to go on a Treasure Hunt! Ecstatic Bliss, the glory treasure of heaven, and the wisdom of God, is in the garage of our hearts, sitting in a corner waiting to be discovered! The ark of the Covenant has been found! It’s you! The holy of holies is in us. The Glory of God is closer than we think, and better than we can imagine!

Will you commit yourself to the search for the treasure of Heaven? Will you commit yourself to unveiling Christ in you the hope of glory? Will you stop looking up and out, and start looking in? Will you do whatever it takes and whatever it costs to allow this reality to manifest in you?



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