Best Evangelism Tool

Best Evangelism Tool

After years of training people in evangelism, I now see that the best evangelism tool, is not how to perform signs and wonders or how to present the 4 Spiritual Laws. Rather, it is how to be the Church. The Church, that is the family of God, is the way God wants to spread His Kingdom. He spreads it through His Sons and Daughters. So the question becomes, how do you raise Sons and Daughters? The answer is simple, you need Mums and Dads in family environments.

We have tried to drill people for war – but it doesn’t work.
We have tried to teach people to obey – but it doesn’t work.
We have tried to equip people for missions – but it doesn’t work.
We have tried to prepare people for excellence – but it doesn’t work.

I have seen the fruit of each of the above methods, yet they all fall short somewhere along the line. If we want to see generations of people coming to know and love Jesus, themselves, and others, then we need some spiritual parents to raise some spiritual sons and daughters.

Getting this off the ground is a long hard task. You can’t just raise a spiritual son overnight. You can’t download a 6-week course and expect to be able to walk in the fullness of who God created you to be. You can’t just “get over” the pains in your heart that have led to hundreds of false beliefs.

Raising sons and daughters is a long, hard process whether we are talking in the spiritual or natural realm. But it is worth it.

Imagine people who have been parented so well that they will face torture, neglect and abuse with so much joy and love that they will care more about the heart of their abuser than the pain in their own body.

Imagine a people so full of God and life that they actually look and live differently to everyone else around them! Imagine great marriages, healthy whole families, not just disease free, but overflowing with so much life that they never seem to age.

Imagine a people who loved God and knew His heart so well, that recognising His voice was so simple and yet so profound that that the voice of God would shape every aspect of life including parenting, counseling, business, government and the destiny of nations.

Imagine a people so full of the love of God that they run into the so called darkest, scariest and unsafe places in the world, and totally change the atmosphere of these clubs, temples, alleyways, brothels, and war zones simply by being there.

Imagine a people raised in their identity that they knew and acted like nothing was impossible. Natural disasters stopped in their tracks, cancer free zones, broken marriages made whole, money falling from heaven into wallets and bank accounts – I’m talking “on Earth as in Heaven!”

These things may sound extreme, but all I have done is described the normal Christian life. What would it take to raise such Sons and Daughters? It takes healthy Spiritual parents raising kids in a safe family environment. It’s not quick. It’s definitely not an event, or a 10 week course. It’s a life-long two-way relationship of honesty, vulnerability, accountability, love and acceptance in healthy community.

It can’t be forced. You can’t buy it. It is hard, slow and messy. But boy, it is worth it!

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