The Happy Gospel

The Happy Gospel

The word “Gospel” literally means good news. So what is the good news? Allow me to explain it with a little story…

God created Humans in order to have relationship with us. God wanted to invite us into His life. This life was full of joy, freedom and peace.

But all of us go through life and begin to doubt the reality that God is there, and that He actually likes us, let alone wants to reveal Himself to us. We end up going through pain and disappointment and end up painting a picture of who we are, and who God is in our own minds. But the problem is that these pictures are darkened, tainted pictures that cause us to make bad decisions, and we end up failing to live up to all we were created for.

That is why Jesus came to Earth. He came to show us what God is like. He revealed God – not as an angry deity to be appeased with sacrifices, but as a loving Dad who was actively pursuing relationship with His kids. He showed that God is in a good mood and that God sees worth and value in every single human being. He gave dignity to those the world rejected, He healed the sick, released those stuck in bondage, and raised the dead. Nothing could get in the way of His love.

The Happy Gospel is that God is on your side. That you are included in His family. That you can have a relationship with God, and that that relationship will bring you an abundant life, freedom, healing, joy and peace!

It’s like God has opened up His arms and is staring into your eyes, waiting for you to embrace Him. He won’t force you, use you or abuse you. He won’t take advantage of you, He won’t neglect or reject you. He will not let you down. He is the God who heals, forgives, protects, restores and builds up.

This is the Happy Gospel. 

Jesus told us how to respond to this good news so we can enjoy Him and the life He has for us. He said we need to change our mind and believe. As we lay to the side our tainted pictures of self and God, we replace them with what Jesus reveals to us.

God is good. And so are you. Start changing your mind to believe that and the abundant life will begin to flow in and through you.

I’d love to help you get to know this Jesus. And I’m sure you may have some further questions. Feel free to connect with me at my email:

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