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As some of you know, I started running last year. That quickly turned into a healthy addiction which has now developed into including Triathlon. (As if one sport wasn’t enough!)

When I first started running, it was to lose weight. But as I progressed so did my goals. My first run was a 5km Park Run, and I managed to get around in a very slow time. It was a humbling experience that led to my first goal of running 5km without stopping.

That goal was superseded and turned into running for 10km without stopping. Then came some speed goals, and eventually a Half Marathon Goal which I accomplished at “Run Melbourne.”

It was at “Run Melbourne” that I first started thinking about combining my love for running with fundraising for charity. Working for Compassion means that my whole work life is based upon answering one question, “How do we see more kids sponsored and released from poverty?” So go for a run and raising money seemed like a great idea.

When I completed my half marathon I felt like I needed to add more variety to my training, and after watching some inspiring Triathlon videos, (Thank you Lionel Sanders!) I decided Triathlons were going to be my next goal.

So, I am signed up to the TXU Triathlon series here in Melbourne over summer. Further more, after joining my local Tri Club my coach challenged me to not just let life happen but to “Go for it!”

So, I am also signed up to do the Port Macquarie Half Ironman in May!

Follow my training on this blog, as I combine my love for life, sport, charity and faith together!

I’d love to hear from you. What goals have you set recently, and what races have you signed up for?

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