The Way

The Way

Jesus taught and inspired a new way of living. This went on to be known as “The Way.” His way of living was different to the world. It was a life based on forgiveness, grace, mercy and the miraculous – each of which are impossible outside of relationship. In fact, Jesus simply summed up “The Way” in one command, “Just as I have loved you, love one another.” 

Jesus expressed love in unexpected ways. To those He was leading – He served. To those who were violently persecuting Him – He forgave. To those who were possessed, violent and deranged – He restored. To those who were sick and injured – He healed. To those who the world had shunned – He embraced. 

Jesus, God in the flesh, came on a mission to reveal “Almighty God” as a “Loving Dad”. He came to change minds and hearts. He sat with the beggars, hugged the lepers, and ate with the socially unacceptable. He modelled a lifestyle of openhanded generosity, wholehearted living, and faith inspired hope. He did not seek converts, rather He made friends. He tore down every barrier to relationship with God, and proclaimed that everyone was invited and included!

“The Way” is the revolutionary lifestyle based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. 

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