Book Review: Divine Adoption

Book Review: Divine Adoption

A number of years ago Jesudian Silvester came and visited my local Church. He was preaching his way around Melbourne, and one day I had the opportunity to drive Him to and from one such meeting. Jesudian’s teaching really made me think. It wasn’t what I had been taught before. But at the same time it felt so good, it felt right.

During this car ride I asked question after question. This led me to a journey of discovering the ancient truth of what the gospel actually is – Good News! This was a tough journey as previously held convictions were shown for what they were: cultural adaptations with less power and less love than the ultimate realities.

This book is a clear and concise explanation of the Good News. If you have grown up in the Church, it will shake your foundations to the core. It will challenge long held beliefs. However, it will replace these with a powerful, life affirming and “better than you can imagine” pictures of what God has in store for us.

Jesudian outlines the original purposes for humanity, shows how we chose against that, and how justice to Jesus, looks like restoring all things to the way they were meant to be. He shows the difference between a “Going to Heaven” gospel, and the gospel of adoption we read about in the New Testament. He opens up the meaning and promise of “Zoe” life, and shows why Jesus did not come to simply die, rather He came to rise from the dead!

This book is a thought provoking, life breathing look at the gospel. If you want to better understand God’s heart for the world, and want to truly understand the gospel, then go straight to Amazon and buy the kindle version right now.

I absolutely loved reading this book, and highly recommend it.

***I recently interviewed Jesudian and will release the podcast soon! Keep your eyes open!

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