Kingdom Discipleship


  1. Your Gospel Determines Your Discipleship
  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is about the Cultural Transformation of our hearts, families, and communities.
  3. The New Testament vehicle for this type of Discipleship is Family

What is your view of “The Gospel” and how does that affect your view of what discipleship should look like?

EXTRA READING: Your Gospel Determines Your Discipleship

The nature of the gospel you believe will determine the nature of your discipleship. Or put another way, your gospel determines your discipleship. So what is the gospel?

In Jesus very first sermon in Mark 1 He spoke of the good news (gospel) that the Kingdom of God had come near.

The manifesto of Jesus life and ministry – The Sermon on the Mount – is all about the Kingdom of God. Jesus parables were all about the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus healed people or set them free from demons, He would say the Kingdom had come.

When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray, He taught them to pray that His Kingdom would come, His will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

When Jesus preached the “Good News” it was the “Good News of the Kingdom of God.”

After Jesus died and rose again, He spent 40 days with His disciples where He taught on the Kingdom of God.

When Luke describes the revival in Ephesus, he said that Paul taught on the Kingdom of God for three years.

I could go on and on… But put simply,

The good news, is Jesus and His Kingdom – The Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Discipleship

Many believe the gospel is primarily about getting to Heaven. Discipleship then, looks like believing the right doctrines so you don’t fall into error and miss out, or teaching holiness so you don’t sin and miss out.

However, as we have seen above, although the gospel includes our eternal destiny, it has a much larger focus on “The Kingdom of God” right here, right now, or as Jesus said it, “on Earth as in Heaven.”

Therefore, the purpose of discipleship is to see the Kingdom of God come in every area of our lives. We want the culture of the Kingdom of God to affect our inner world, the way we think, act and pray, our marriages, relationships, parenting, the way we work, the way we rest, play and enjoy creation.

This type of discipleship is life altering. This type of discipleship is about life in all its fullness. It reconciles enemies, lifts depression, empowers the weak, strengthens relationships, heals broken hearts and fills people with inexpressible joy even in the midst of intense suffering. Can you imagine any of that happening in a 4-week foundations course? This type of discipleship cannot come through a conference. Preaching and teaching will be helpful, but this type of discipleship requires something more powerful and crucially, more personal.

This type of discipleship can only come through relationships and methods that touch our very hearts. And that, is what we are working towards at Friends First.

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